#PeopleofSPECTRUM – WFH edition with Janice (Avex Asia)

Working from home – yes or no? We wanted to find out from SPECTRUM members.  

Meet Janice Sou from Avex Asia, who shared her experience and some tips on WFH with us.

1. What are the biggest challenges of working from home and how do you deal with them?

I don’t have a lot of dining options around my home so I always have issue figuring out what to eat for lunch. Being stuck at home for more than 1 month now,  it does felt sad to be confined in 1 area. If time permits, I will try to take a walk to the coffeeshop few blocks away from my home or venture out to other eateries to buy my lunch. This allows me to take a walk, do some stretches and enjoy some interaction outside my apartment.  

2. What advice/tips can you give to other members?

Sometimes it is hard to concentrate because lines are blurred when you work from home. I would suggest limiting the work space area at home and to never bring your work into the bedroom.   

3. If you were to describe how you feel about working from home with a song or a movie title what would it be?

Movie Title: Home Alone! 


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