#PeopleofSPECTRUM – New Year Edition with Mavis and Yoga (Pinnacle)

It’s the new year and we took this chance to ask Mavis and Yoga of the Pinnacle team what they’re looking to try in 2022 and how 2021 was for them.

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Now let’s get into the questions!

1. What were your highlights and takeaways from the year of 2021?

Mavis: To join Golden Equator (GE) because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and be ready for any challenges and uncertainties.

Yoga: 2021 was a challenging year, it forced me to reconsider my priorities and ensure that my actions were aligned to my goals. This takeaway allowed me to start a new role at Golden Equator and travel at the end of the year.

2. Is there anything you want to try in the new year?

Mavis: Cooking!

Yoga: I would like to get a boat license in 2022.

3. Would you rather relive the year of 2020 or 2021?

Mavis: 2020, that was the year that I added more value to my ex employer due to Covid-19.

Yoga: I would prefer to relive 2021 as it has generally been a good year with a sense of uncertain normalcy returning.

4. Would you rather go through the side effects from your 1st or 2nd vaccine dose?

Mavis: Neither, I have side effects from both doses.

Yoga: 1st Dose as I had less side effects.

5. If you were to describe the year of 2021 with a song or a show title what would it be?

Mavis:Masterchef 2021” to become a chef, something that I have yet to try.

Yoga: “Groundhog Day”. The reintroductions of Covid-19 restrictions and 100% working from home made it feel like we were reliving 2020 again.


Thank you for reading the first of our three part series!

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