#PeopleofSPECTRUM – New Year Edition with Lina and Gibbson (SPECTRUM)

It’s the new year and we took this chance to ask Lina and Gibbson from the SPECTRUM team what they’re looking to try in 2022 and how 2021 was for them.

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Now let’s get into the questions!

1. What were your highlights and takeaways from the year of 2021?

Lina: My greatest highlight for this year will be me tying down the knot with my Parabatai.

Gibbson: Rock, Scissors, Paper, ✊️✌️? , No dine-in allowed, 2pax dine-in allowed, 5pax dine-in allowed.

2. Is there anything you want to try in the new year?

Lina: Yes. Each year I’ll work on a theme for my personal growth and for the year 2022 it will be to stop with procrastination.

Gibbson: Try to eat healthy and not have copious amounts of sugar each day.

3. Would you rather relive the year of 2020 or 2021?

Lina: I wouldn’t want to relive either of the years or any other year be it good or bad.

Gibbson: Rather relive 2021 – more structure, more information, less restrictions, less panic.

4. Would you rather go through the side effects from your 1st or 2nd vaccine dose?

Lina: Both the side effects were equally unpleasant. So, nope. I rather not go through it ever again.

Gibbson: Definitely the first jab – 2nd dose broke me – If that was just a small part of what having Covid is like, I can’t imagine…

5. If you were to describe the year of 2021 with a song or a show title what would it be?

Lina: “Spiderman – No Way Home”.

Gibbson: Song – Cindi Lauper – “Time after time”.


Thank you for reading the final instalment of our three part series!

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