Why coworking works – enjoying the perks of shared workspace

From networking opportunities to work flexibility, coworking space is here to help small teams and individuals thrive 


Concepts such as “hotdesking”, and “shared workspace” have gained much traction and popularity since the inception of coworking space in Singapore in 2011. What started as an affordable space for tech start-ups, has now evolved to offer customisable workspace solutions for businesses of varying industries and sizes, or even independent freelancers and remote workers.  

Still unsure about all the hype around shared workspaces and hotdesking? We are going to share some of the benefits of being in a coworking space. 


Work Flexibility   

There is no denying that the pandemic has brought changes to the workplace and our workstyles. For many, it was a time to break away from traditional work norms and discover what works best for us, as individuals, and as a team.  

With everyone understanding which working style and environment works best for them, coworking spaces gives members the control and flexibility to let them work at their best. Whether it is working collaboratively with others around a communal desk, or working solo in a quiet space, shared workspaces are able to provide these options which traditional offices may not.  


We all want to work in a pleasing and productive environment; aesthetically designed, well-equipped with the facilities and amenities for your business needs, from printing services to a nice space to host your business clients. But we also know this dream comes with a hefty price tag, and sometimes, it is hard to justify the cost, and often this ends up with us sacrificing our productivity and well-being simply because it makes the most financial sense. 

Coworking spaces help alleviate this financial dilemma, allowing you to have your cake and eat it too! Your membership would give you access to fully furnished workstations (did someone say Herman Miller chairs?), enterprise grade Wi-Fi, and of course, fully stocked pantries. Plus, most spaces also offer monthly credits for member to book meeting rooms, so now you can host your guests professionally and in style.  


Strengthen One’s Professional Identity 

Moving beyond the spacial benefits of a coworking space, such work arrangement also provides a boost to member’s professional identity. Working in a space with individuals from different companies, industries, and projects, members can be at ease and form their own professional identity without a need for a work persona to fit certain perceive moulds tied to a bigger organisation.

Additionally, working within a diverse community, individuals strengthen their own professional identity as they network with others and share what they do, their projects, or their companies, in an interesting and distinctive manner. 


Genuine Connections 

One undeniable perk coworking spaces have over traditional offices is the potential networking opportunities; plus, the casual and authentic nature of it. There is no hard-and-fast rule to socialising in the space, but rather, members can choose how and when they want to interact with others, whether it’s a quick casual chat at the coffee machine, or during one of the many events and activities.  

#SPECTRUMCommunity: Need a professional wingman? Get to interact with the vibrant community here at SPECTRUM through our various activities such as bi-weekly Breakfast Connections and monthly Happy Hour sessions. 


Finally onboard with the coworking bandwagon? Want to be part of a vibrant and diverse community? Or just want a simple yet professional work set-up (plus, all the additional perks of course)? Get in touch with us to find out more about our newest Hot Desk Membership.