#PeopleofSPECTRUM – Get to know Amy Amilia, Concierge Executive of SPECTRUM

Spotted a new friendly face at SPECTRUM’s concierge? This month, join us as we welcome the latest addition of the SPECTRUM team – Amy Amilia, our Concierge Executive. We got to know her a little more as she shared about her hobby  of film photography, her favourite song at the moment, and her hidden talent.

Hi Amy – why don’t you introduce yourself! 

Ola! I am Amy, the friendly new face you will see when you come into SPECTRUM! I am Yvonne’s right-hand (wo)man and I am here to support her in manning the fort, I mean concierge. Apart from my concierge duties, I’ll also managing the events happening at SPECTRUM, so don’t be surprised if you see me carrying bunch loads of fruit cups or jugs of water in and out of the meeting room. 

We heard you’re into film photography. What do you enjoy about it, and what are some of your favorite subjects to take photos of? 

Film photograph gives off a nostalgic vibe. I am always curious on how the shots will turn out after developing them, which is  different from digital photography where you are immediately able to see the photo you have taken and recapture the image if you are not satisfied. I am always looking forward to developing my roll of film after I am done, cause you will never know the outcome till you see the results. It could be good, or you could have lost 36 shots without you even realizing it. ? Prior to COVID, I usually take photos of my travel, and during the pandemic, most of my shots were for friends’ wedding. I do post them on instagram at a.meillia, if you are interested to have a look.

What’s your favorite song right now? 

The Marias – Clueless 

What is one hidden talent you have? 

I can sleep easily, anywhere, anytime. 

Thanks for sharing with us – it’s been fun getting to know you better!

If you share the same taste in music or are interested in film photography, you know where to find Amy…at the Concierge.