#PeopleofSPECTRUM – Get to know Wei Jie, Associate at OC Queen Street LLC

You would have probably seen the guys from OC Queen Street in their team t-shirt. This month, we got to know one of the Associates at the firm – Lim Wei Jie. He shares more about the iconic Star Wars shirt he’s been rocking at SPECTRUM, and what he does to de-stress.

Hi Wei Jie – maybe you could start off by introducing yourself?

Hi! I’m Wei Jie, and I’m an Associate at OC Queen Street LLC.

OC Queen Street LLC is a Singapore law firm, and we are the Singapore office of Osborne Clarke, a UK firm. We pride ourselves as lawyers for tech-enabled businesses, and our firm handles both local and international matters, primarily in the field of tech.

For myself, I’m probably one of the most junior lawyers on the team, having joined in the past year. I handle mostly corporate and M&A matters, but I definitely enjoy learning on the job, and building up my professional skills by the case and by the day.

We’ve seen your rocking your Star Wars shirt, so we’re guessing you’re a fan. Which is your favourite Star Wars movie/series?

Disclaimer: I am actually not the biggest fan although the shirt may suggest so! The backstory was that this shirt was on offer and I got it for my “smart casual” wardrobe, andto me, this is a welcome deviation from the Singapore male’s wardrobe of Uniqlo shirts.

My most memorable Star Wars series would probably be Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Xbox (2002) – this was the first game I played on my first gaming console. It was also the point in my life that I “got” the story. 

What do you usually do to de-stress?

If I’m at home, that would be to brew coffee from whole beans. This would broadly involve grinding the beans into grounds before pouring hot water through a filter. It’s highly therapeutic to hear the beans being ground, with the aroma of coffee wafting through the kitchen after that. The con is that, like all hobbies, the supermarket stuff doesn’t really cut it anymore.

Happily, the GRID is equipped with a Nespresso Aguila 220 machine so my coffee needs are well fulfilled while at work!

What’s the first thing you do when you step into SPECTRUM – grab a coffee, talk to the concierge, etc?

My answer is “yes to the above”.

I try to start the day with a morning greeting to the concierge, as they’re the first and last people you’ll see in the office most of the time. My greeting goes like this – “?” and I welcome everyone to embrace it.

The next thing would be a coffee. My go-to coffee from the pantry would be either a double shot Flat White (two pods of Ristretto, topped off hot milk) or a double shot Americano (two pods Ristretto, topped off with hot water). My team would then usually have a sit-down coffee session to catch up and update each other on work and life in an informal manner. I think this would really be a great way to start the workday.

Thanks Wei Jie for sharing – it’s been great getting to know you a little more!

Feel free to hit up Wei Jie on Swish or say hi the next time you see him at the coffee machine.