Lunchtime Guide: Exploring Culinary Delights Around Bugis Street

With both Bugis Village and Bugis Street just a quick 5-minute walk from SPECTRUM, lunchtimes are anything but ordinary. This bustling neighbourhood, known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse culinary scene, is the perfect spot for those in our coworking space seeking a flavourful escape from their busy schedule.  

Here are some of our preferred lunch spots when working out of SPECTRUM, our coworking space located in the heart of Singapore.  

Xi Yuan Ji (Tan Quee Lan Street) 

Sometimes, there’s nothing more comfortable than a warm bowl of soup for lunch. Xin Yuan Ji, a local favourite on Tan Quee Lan Street, is the perfect spot for those rainy days. Recognisable by its distinct bright blue signage, this wallet-friendly eatery offers an array of fish dishes, with their star attraction being the Charcoal Fish Head Steamboat, which features a naturally sweet soup filled with fresh fish slices, tomato, and tofu.  

For a lighter option, their sliced fish soup with milk, with fried fish (or steamed, if you’d prefer) is a must-try. The lightly battered fried fish maintains its freshness, perfectly complementing the slightly creamy, sweet milk soup. 

Address: 31 Tan Quee Lan St, #01-01, Singapore 188117 

Albert Food Centre 

Despite its unassuming exterior, this gastronomic haven stands out amidst the modernity of its surroundings, offering a one-stop shop for some of Singapore’s best hawker stalls. Here, food enthusiasts can indulge in a variety of dishes, from the Yong Tau Foo at Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu to the popular Hock Lee Fishball Noodles.  

Each stall at Albert Food Centre is a testament to the rich culinary culture of Singapore, offering comfort foods that are both nourishing and delicious. 

 Address: 270 Queen St, Singapore 180270 

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons 

A standout among the bustling Bugis ramen scene, Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons offers up four unique, season-inspired ramen varieties. For the indecisive ones, the King Ramen is a safe bet, pairing stir-fried pork and ginger on top of a super creamy broth.  

What makes this place even more special is the ability for diners to customise their own bowl, from the soup’s saltiness to the noodle’s firmness. With its long queues, especially at dinner, and the bonus of free flow hard-boiled eggs, this ramen spot is a staple for noodle enthusiasts. 

Address:  158 Rochor Rd, Singapore 188433 

Zam Zam Restaurant 

Established in 1908, Zam Zam Singapore has perfected a variety of Indian-Muslim dishes, particularly excelling in Nasi Biryani, Murtabak, and Roti Prata. Their Deer Biryani and Mutton Murtabak are among our favourites, which offer an array of sizes to suit larger groups. 

The Mutton Soup and the distinctively red Maggi Goreng are other must-tries, with the option for a ‘putih’ or non-red sauce version for traditional fried noodle lovers. Consistently praised for their crispy, fluffy Murtabak with various fillings, accompanied by a robust, fragrant fish curry, Zam Zam delivers quality that has stood the test of time. 

Address: 697-699 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198675 


Herbivore has redefined the vegetarian lunchtime scene with its innovative approach to meat-free cuisine. Specialising in Japanese options, this restaurant proves that vegetarian food can be just as exciting as traditional fare, with its extensive range of Japanese and Western dishes closely mimicking their meat-based counterparts. 

The Unagi Maki, a favourite among diners, is praised for its deliciousness, perfectly embodying Herbivore’s commitment to taste and texture. Other highlights include the cheese and unagi maki, with added crunch for texture, and the celebrated curry udon, which leaves guests satisfied and pleasantly surprised. 

Address: 190 Middle Rd, #01-13/14 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979 

Located in the heart of the CBD, our shared working space is conveniently surrounded by a plethora of diverse lunch options for every palette, making every workday an experience to look forward to.  Get in touch with us today to book a tour and discover our space for yourself!