Champ Medici Web3 Panel

Engage with industry leaders, gain insights into today’s hottest topics around Web3, and learn how Web3 intersects with creative industries

About this event

This Thursday, 15th September, you are invited to our Web3 panel and a virtual fireside chat with international guest speaker, Cordell Broadus a.k.a Champ Medici. The panel will cover the Future and Scalability of Web3, the role of DeFi to improve social inclusion, and the future of the Creative industries in a Web3 world. Cordell will share his personal journey to becoming a global heavyweight in Web3, including why he pivoted his successful career in sport to focus instead on Web3 at its very nascent stage.

What’s in it for you?

  • Latest insights about swiftly changing Web3 trends
  • Hear from renowned crypto entrepreneur and investor – Champ Medici about his Web3 journey
  • Learn about essential infrastructures for Web3 to be meaningful and scale
  • Network with industry experts, investors, fellow Web3 enthusiasts