EdTech in Indonesia – Combining Business Growth and Social Good

Indonesia has the world’s fourth largest education system but low literacy rates prevail due to the country’s sizeable rural population, lack of infrastructure, qualified trainers and funding among some of the challenges that are slowing down its development.

On the upside, Indonesia has one of the highest internet penetration rates in the world. As the number of Covid cases continues to rise, Indonesia’s 60 million students are forced to adapt to remote learning. This accelerates the development and adoption of EdTech solutions which now have the opportunity to grow in an extremely large market and help students to access high-quality education from anywhere in the country.

Dita Aisyah is the Co-Founder of Binar Academy, an end to end platform for managing talent for the digital economy, providing an integrated ecosystem comprising online education, community and job placement from entry level to senior professionals. Binar uses innovative learning experiences, a supportive community and job advancement opportunities to build digital leaders for the future.

In our next webinar, she’ll share about her personal experience starting an EdTech company in Indonesia, including the challenges and the incredible opportunities to combine business growth and social good on a large scale.