Investing in Esports – Translating Market Growth into Business Opportunities

By 2023, the global Esports market is expected to experience a +50% growth and surpass the US$1.5 billion mark. With such growth in revenue and an audience that is rapidly increasing in size and engagement, it is not surprise that the industry is receiving the attention from advertisers and investors alike. The inclusion of Esports in the SEA games marked another major milestone towards mainstream awareness. So what are the key considerations that businesses and investors need to take into account when evaluating a future involvement in this fast-growing sector? How will Esports evolve in Southeast Asia compared to other regions? What infrastructure (including payment gateways) is needed to accommodate the industry growth, improve monetisation and allow a wider participation of business entities?

We are bringing together a panel that will include some of the most influential figures that are shaping the future of the industry in Southeast Asia. They’ll provide different perspectives in a discussion that will also include a Q&A session.

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About the Speakers

Jamie Lewin, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Mana Partners

Former Head of Innovation for Mindshare Asia-Pacific, and has a highly awarded history of work with brands at WPP. He was Riot Games’ first Head of Brand Partnerships in Southeast Asia & Greater China, and understands the inner workings of agencies, brands, esports, sponsorships, developers and publishers in the region. 

Xiao (Sean) Zhang, CEO, Talon Esports

Former Head of Advisory at Kenetic Capital. Investment, research professional who has worked as an equity analysts at major banks and brokerages firms such as Barclays and CLSA. Former computer programmer who always had a passion for anything technology related.

John Yao, CEO, Team Secret

John Yao is a recognized industry expert on Esports, having been featured on CNBC Squawk Box, Forbes Magazine, The Esports Observer, and other notable publications worldwide.

He leads the brand development of Team Secret, a globally renowned Esports club that ranks top 10 in total all-time tournament earnings, and manages 6 professional teams with players and staff in over 20+ countries.

John has 12+ Years experience in Strategy consulting, guiding C-Level executives at Fortune 500 companies on growth initiatives, risk management, and operational transformation.

Jasper Mah, Director of Esports APAC, SPORTFIVE

Jasper is an Asia games and esports industry professional who has been working for 14 years in various parts of Asia as a domain expert in video games and esports, focusing on business strategy, development and marketing. Jasper had been a speaker on multiple conferences in Asia, including Casual Connect, Mobiles Games Forum Asia, Taipei Digital Insights, CLSA Investor Forums and shared his experience and insights on leading topics relevant to the esports and video games industry in Asia. He currently works at SPORTFIVE, the world’s leading agency in esports commercialization as the Director of Esports for APAC, developing the commercial strategy for rights holders and also advising brands on how they can get involved in esports.