Risk Management in Web3

As Web3 approaches (also known as the next iteration of the internet), companies must be prepared to navigate a more decentralized, intelligent, and connected environment. Entering the era of Web3 means embracing a new level of risk management. Companies have to equip themselves with the means and knowledge to recognise, evaluate and mitigate potential threats to company resources and long-term financial success.

Join us in our upcoming webinar to understand the risks your organisation may face going into Web 3, including:

  1. Cybersecurity threats: Cyber assaults and data breaches
  2. Reputation risks: Unfavourable information that may be propagated about a company in an open and decentralized setting, which may harm the company’s reputation
  3. Regulatory risks: New laws and regulations that may emerge, and how to navigate them
  4. Technology risks: Exploits, backdoors and other dangers that may be present in the new Web 3 ecosystem

Our guest speaker will also touch on the strategies your company might find useful to mitigate these risks, including:

    1. How to create and implement robust cybersecurity protocols
    2. Proactively managing your company’s reputation
    3. Staying compliant with laws and regulations
    4. Analysing and controlling the risks associated with new and developing technologies