Shifting Gears for the Future of Work

What future can we expect after Covid, an event that has so profoundly affected our personal and professional lives? Are changes like remote working here to stay or we’ll gradually go back to pre-pandemic habits and norms?

It’s difficult to predict how the world’s recovery will unfold but we are taking on this challenge by bringing together a panel of business leaders to discuss the short, medium and long-term repercussions of Covid and the business disruptions experienced in industries such as HR, Legal Services and Entertainment.

Our panelists will talk about their personal stories navigating the challenges of managing remote teams and leading their businesses forward despite being confronted by uncertainties and constant changes. They’ll also share tips on maintaining effective team communication and engagement and other lessons they learned along the way. Join us for this honest discussion and gain some new insights and perspectives on the impact of Covid in different industries and on the future that awaits us after we leave this pandemic behind.


  • Chris McPherson, International CEO, SPECTRUM (Moderator)
  • Azmul Haque, Founder & MD, Collyer Law LLC
  • Evelyn Chow, Founder & Principal Consultant, DecodeHR
  • John Paul Chen, Group CEO, Apollo Entertainment Media