Sustainability and Business Models – Time for a Change

Circular Business Models (CBM) are seeing more widespread adoption in recent times due to organisations’ increased focus on improving resource management and decreasing waste production. As the world’s economies move towards improved environmental sustainability as a consequence of global warming, it is welcoming to see such a shift from linear business models that externalise ecological factors to circularity to better reduce, retain and recycle. There are still many challenges ahead as users’ adoption time is longer than expected and organisation often face internal resistance to change.

As we approach this year’s International Women’s Day, we are inviting women business leaders and experts to share their experience in implementing circular business models in their organisations (in food, fashion and energy) and have demonstrated high commitment to sustainability. They will also be talking about what we can all do to contribute to this change and will present case studies to show how CBMs not only help build a better future but also drive better business outcomes.