The ROI of Investing in Lives

In our lifetime, many of us would have been involved in some form of investments that have the potential of generating financial returns, but how many of us are willing to use time and money to help others? Is it possible to grow a business that achieves both financial success and social impact in equal measure?

Even in a relatively wealthy country like Singapore, many communities are struggling to integrate into society. They remain behind, with limited access to opportunities that can transform their lives for the better. Given a second chance in life, Anil David, Founder of Agape Connecting People Pte Ltd, went on to rebuild the lives of the disadvantaged. Joined by Joseph See, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Anil will share his story and talk about the company’s work to provide employment and reskilling opportunities that lead to successful community transformations. We will learn that keeping a healthy balance between achieving business objectives and social impact through targeted collaborations is indeed possible. We hope you’ll join us for this free webinar and discover new opportunities to do good for the society we all live in.

About the Speakers

Anil David, Founder, Agape Connecting People Pte Ltd

Anil is the Founder and Business Development Director of Agape Connecting People Pte Ltd.  He has a wealth of sales experience under his belt. He is the chief evangelist for Agape, ensuring that our brand name is always on the customers’ radar.

Joseph See, Chief Executive Officer, Agape Connecting People Pte Ltd

Joseph is the CEO of Agape Connecting People Pte Ltd. He has over 25 years of leadership experience in customer sales and service operations across telecommunications and banking sectors, covering both consumer and corporate segments.

He was previously the Vice President, Head of Acquisition and Retention in StarHub Ltd.

He led several successful transformation projects that has significantly improved revenue growth and customer experience journeys leveraging on data driven automation. He was also responsible for all frontline training and saw through the WSQ Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) status for StarHub.

He has won several Contact Centre Association of Singapore (CCAS) awards including contact centre of the year (over 100 seats).

He is a COPC certified Six Sigma High Performance Techniques specialist and has completed an executive program with INSEAD. He hold a honours degree in economics and management studies with University of London.

He joined Agape in 2018 to pursue his calling of community transformation.

About Agape Connecting People Pte Ltd

“Unconditional love” – It’s the meaning of Agape in Greek, is what Anil David’s wife and family embodied throughout his incarceration. Wanting to honour his family, Anil went on to set up Agape Connecting People Pte Ltd in 2012, fighting hard to provide a second chance not just for himself but for those whom others dared not take chances on.

Agape is a contact centre set up with the purpose of providing employment for the disadvantaged who wants to turn their lives around. They include inmates serving time in Changi, physically challenged persons, single mothers and ex-offenders. In Nov 2018, our reach has extended into Changi Women’s prison and will also be able to reach out to displaced civilians via home-based work. This will benefit even the visually impaired and single mothers who cannot commute to us.

Agape has a combined capacity of more than 250 seats across different locations. We are working to impact in excess of 1,000 disadvantaged individuals by 2022. Through dignified work, they can regain respect as they rebuild their lives and families.

Agape provides Business Process Outsourcing and Human Resource Solutions.